Sunday, 12 April 2009

April Evening

This week has passed so quickly! Have been catching up with a few jobs and have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather we've had.

I spent Friday in the garden and yesterday I was where I love to be on a warm sunny day - on a bowling green! We were invited to Opening Day at Southport BC and it was a really lovely afternoon and a great start to the outdoor season.
Today has seen us back out in the garden - am hoping to do a bit of crafting this evening but in the meantime I popped out, camera in hand and took a few pics of part of the garden in the evening sunshine.
The magnolia is one of my favourite plants - I adore the flowers and am real sorry they don't last all year! When I planted this shrub it was a mere 2 feet tall!

Isn't the double daffoldil just 'peachy' ?! (In more ways than one!)

I remember buying the yellow flowered plant a couple of years ago... it's now spread itself into several parts of one of the borders.. it only lasts during spring, but I love the huge glossy leaves and the tiny flowers... I just wish I could remember what it was called! I think it's an orchid of some description.... but whatever it is, it has certainly made itself at home!


Unknown said...

awwww...awwwwwwwwww..what a lovely read ...through your garden it looks a dream...but where are you ...on the bowling green..but to return one springtime eve your garden your home so youll never leave......lvs sassyxxxxx

Pattie said...

Beautiful garden,I,m missing mine this time of year ! these are beautiful photo's,love the peachy daffodil !x

Anne said...

Lovely photos Viv, don't know what your mystery plant is but it looks vert at home :)

Vicky said...

your photos of your plants are lovely...i love to take pics of my flowers! thankyou for your comment on my blog ..vicky xx