Saturday, 14 April 2012

Mum's Button

A week of mixed fortunes and emotions has been thrust upon us this week. We have had a firm offer on the asking price for the house - though they still have a place to sell, at least I felt a bit more positive about things . It may still all go pear shaped but hey ho have got to look on the bright side!
Then I had that silly fall which has really knocked me for 6 (and there was me thinking I had LOTS of padding on my backside!!)
 And then yesterday was a real bad day - last October whilst out walking we came across a little cat in the hedge. It followed us over a mile back to our house which surpised us as we're used to ferral cats living in the fields around us and over the year have fed lots of them and with the exception of one, none have been trusting. It had no collar and we thought someone had just dumped it on the country lane. We rang the local paper and kept a look out in the village to see if anyone had lost a cat but nothing.
It's been a house guest coming and going as it pleases ever since. Was an affectionate little thing and beloved husband loved it to bits. It used to jump up on his tummy and nuzzle into his chin!
On Thursday we bought a carrier and made an appointment to take it to the vet as we thought it was likely to stay with us now and we wanted to get 'her' checked out. At the vets it was discovered it was in fact a 'Him' and it was chipped. The vet contacted the owner and left a message. Cat came home.
At 6pm last night my husband was treated to a telephone call tirade of verbal abuse from the cat owner (who incidentally lives across the fields) who ranted on about why we didn't take it to a vet sooner etc etc etc.
The more he tried to explain the worse this lunatic woman got. Eventually he got her address from her and he drove (our) little loving cat back to it's awful owner. He was so upset last night and we're both really sad today cos we'd become really attached to her (him) waking us up howling outside the windown at 6.15am cos she (he) wanted feeding and we've really missed her (him) today whilst we've been here in the office. Friday 13th indeed.

Now I've poured out all my news I have a card to share - have made a few clean and simple cards the last few days (mainly because I can't get comfy after the fall!) - and here's one that I have left without a sentiment until I decide wedding? or anniversary? or thank you? etc etc!
I used white pearlised card and the stamp is a Viva Decor one which I embossed with Ultra Fine WOW pale gold embossing powder.
The metal button is from my Mum's button box - and it came from a short very tailored jacket (similar to the shrugs that are about today) that was a wedding outfit - I remember her wearing the dress and jacket - would have been in the mid sixties - she looked so chic and stylish complete with her stilletos, matching handbag and leather gloves- and of course her 24"waist!
I threaded some broad white satin ribbon through the shank at the back (with some difficulty!!LOL) 
Well if you've made it to the end of this ramble, I thank you for sticking with it and hope you're not bored or even worse asleep!

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Thanks for visiting and listening to me - and to my new followers - don't panic, my posts aren't always this long!!!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. X


Jan said...

Beautiful, beautiful elegant card Viv.
But, oh, your sad news. I feel so much for you regarding 'your' little cat. We took in a stray a few years ago and did everything that you did regarding looking for the owner, who was never found. So we still have our little boy, who we called Suzie because we though it was a little girl (strangely exactly as you did) The name stuck though... I tried to think of a boy's name rhyming with Suzie, with no luck. So, poor thing' he's a "Boy named Sue" lol. You'd think your cat's owner would have been pleased to have him back rather than ranting at you... you did all the right things, but it's so sad that it didn't work out for you. I am so sorry.
AND.......... your poor back. You could do without THAT as well couldn't you.
BUT.... GOOD NEWS (fingers crossed) re: the possible house sale. That would be the icing on the cake.
Take care. xxx

Unknown said...

yep i am still here skricking..whats the matter with me..was it the cat or your mums button..both touched me thats all sweets..and the card is superb elegant..chic love it i really do..ppppsttt my birthday soon lol!!! look at the memories attached to the button...glad you got a offer hope alls goes steaming ahead...loads of gentle hugs ..considering you got a sore bum!!! love sassxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Catherine said...

Gorgeous Card and I'm sad to hear about your bad week. Hope it gets better soon....

M said...

This card is perfection - I absolutely love it, and might have to see if I can make anything that comes close! I've already thought of hundreds of colour combos that would work with this design... beautiful. M x

Jackie said...

Oh what a sad week you've had, let us hope that it can only get better from here on in...hugs
Your card is absolutely stunning, a wonderful idea with the button and ribbon :o)
Jackie xx

coops said...

so stunning vivi.really elegant and sumptious.
fingers crossed for you house sale and so sorry to hear about your cat, i bet he will be back.

xx coops xx

Anonymous said...

Oh that poor Kitty having such a terrible owner :(
I adore your card Viv its so elegant and the embossing is so pretty
Have a lovely week
hugs June x

June Nelson said...

Its beautiful love, and the button is beautiful too, your mum would be so proud to have it on here on somethinyou have created, there are some awful people out there Viv, by th sound of the owner the cat would have been better off staying with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some people make me sick!!!! anyway me darlin I hope your rear gets better soon, and the hertbreak ceases a little imt hinking of you. a beautiful classy card too, loads of love and huggles xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anne said...

Viv what a beautiful card and I think your Mum will be chuffed to bits to look down and see it re-purposed into a lovely new creation.

So sorry about "your" cat not working out. Someone once told me that the more angry and agressive someone is about a situation, the more they know they are in the wrong. I find this very helpful, they were probably feeling very guilty about not trying harder to get their pet back...

Sending you get well hugs

Maureen said...

fingers crossed for the house!!!! but so sorry about the cat, you could always go buy one for Graham!! oh by the way - it's really hot here - gran canaria!!!!

♥Gemma♥ said...

Absolutely stunning card hun, very elegant..
Sorry to hear your having a bit of a rough time hun..hope things pick up for you very soon!
hugs and xxx

Lee said...

Oh Viv you poor souls what a week.Sending you both HUGE HUGS.If it's any consolation,your card is STUNNING.Huggles xxx

Clare said...

It is such a elegant card, I love it.

Anonymous said...

aww viv hope things are looking up for you sending hugs , love your very stylish card tracy x

nat x x said...

simple but elegant. gorgeous. thanks for joining us over at CYDA


nat x x x

Claudia said...

verry elegant card.

Pia S said...

So classic and beautiful. A card that can be used for so many occasions... Love it!

Dazie said...

Wow this is so beautiful!

Thanks so much for joining our challenge over at Craft Your Days Away

Teresa said...

This is simply perfect! xx