Saturday, 30 May 2009

Nice Day for a White Wedding?

Today has been a beautiful day here in the North of England - just perfect for a white wedding! (Or a wedding of any colour!)
This pic is another which you need to click on and enlarge to see. I really must sharpen my photography skills!

Margaret set us a challenge of making a 'White' ATC for MAMMA this week, - I had several ideas, White Christmas, White Diamonds and White Wedding.

I remembered this image of the 'bride with no dress' (!) from the Flickr group and thought I would try and base an ATC round it.

The 'My Trousseau' background is also courtesy of Flickr.

I added some lace, two 'silver'rings, a heart gem ,a shoe and some ribbon and tulle secured with a pearl brad.

If this was her actual wedding outfit I wonder what the groom wore??????


  1. gorgeous Viv really beautiful!

  2. love it - made me laugh - unlike any white wedding I've ever seen - maybe it was for the night ;-0

  3. How much fun is that? Excellent. I love it! Hugs, Leslie

  4. Gorgeous. Reminds me of a song that played at our wedding by Billy Idol. I imagine the husband wasn't wearing much else. Perhaps you can create the groom and share him with us.s :-)

  5. Wow this is brilliant! I'm glad you showed the bride and not the groom :).

    Your ATCs always have such lovely details...


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