Friday, 5 February 2010

Fabric Postcard 1

Well here it is...... (drum roll please - lol).... here is my first postcard for the 3 way swap with Jan and Maureen. Maureen has received hers so can safely post it without spoiling the surprise - hope Jan also has hers by now....

I received Maureen's this morning and it is truly beautiful - so have a lot to learn about making these but don't suppose this one of mine is too bad for a novice.

Had major trouble with the edges.... my sewing machine doesn't do neat!

Will post Jan's once I know she's received it.


  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it - it's lovely, thank you Viv!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hiya Viv. That is beautiful, what a lovely creation. so pretty.
    Happy Crafting.
    Love Sandra xx

  3. Have received mine this morning and am over the moon with it. Love, love, love it Viv. Thank you so much and I can assure you you you have no apologising to make.

  4. Oh my word! This is gorgeous! I just love it! kxx

  5. Well I've clicked on enlarge and I STILL can't see the problem with the edges, it looks great Viv! You might sew more than you think, fabric postcard sswaps are addictive, I have 2 big shoeboxes full, before I got postcarded out

  6. It's lovely Viv, you are your own worst critic. I think you have made a fabulous job of it.


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