Wednesday, 3 February 2010


I have had a sulk this morning as my Cuttlebug Asian folders ordered from the USA have not yet arrived! Poor postie is getting used to being accosted each morning!

So whilst I am on a bit of an oriental type kick I thought I would show you this post it note holder made from Washi paper.
I just love Washi paper.... the designs and colours are rich and vibrant and it's definitely one of the most 'strokable' papers around!! (Anyone who is not a crafter/mixed media junkie will think I've completely lost my marbles talking about stroking paper, but we all do it..... and we've all got paper that's 'too nice to use'....)
So although it was a great wrench to use this beautiful fan design, I steeled myself and made this little object. The template is actually for a mirror compact but it's just the right size for post it notes!


Rose Petal said...

WOW Viv. That is gorgeous. Very useful and I just love that paper, stunningly beautiful.
Happy Crafting.
Love Sandra xx

Maureen said...

Need the template for this - pleeeeeeease!! looks lovely!

Jan said...

Delicious paper... definitely too good to use!
Template for me too please (not that I have to have EVERYTHING that Maureen has but it's necessary some times lol) xxx

PetraB said...

This is brilliant, I just love the colours and everything! And if you don't mind ... I would love the template, too ... many many thanks, Petra. xx

Anne said...

Oh wow, how beautiful is this! Where can I find the template please?

nancy said...

I love this! I love Washi paper.