Wednesday, 18 November 2009

First for today

I am definitely having a Christmas onslaught.... am determined to finish these cards!

Here's another Christmas card using those lovely papermania papers. (I made 4 the same from one sheet of paper). I have been impressed with this book of papers, there isn't really any design in them that I don't like. There's a couple of designs I've yet to use though so maybe will get those done later today. The weather here is dreadful, wet, windy and not as mild as the weather forecasters keep saying it is - so I have a perfect excuse!
I used part of a stamp for the embossed trees - there's actualy about 7 trees on the stamp but felt that it was too long for the size of card I used.
The design is from a sketch posted on yet another challenge site called Create4fun which I found via fellow card maker Anne's blog! Blogland is full of these challenge sites for cards and if you were dedicated enough you could just sit and make cards 24 hours a day to fulfill all the challenges! If you're struggling for inspiration for designs go check out some of the challenge sites and have a look at Anne's fab cards on the way!


Pia said...

beautiful card

Maureen said...

This is a really lovely card!!

Anne said...

This is beautiful and I'm glad you're having fun with the challenges, they're hugely addictive aren't they?

Debby said...

Beautiful! Love the look of the white embossed trees on the red.