Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Are you sure this is August??

 Yesterday was spent hunkered down indoors - as always here on the top we get slightly stronger winds than those who live at lower levels and it is something that we have come to be accustomed to over the winter months but my goodness yesterday was to put it frankly - RIDICULOUS!!
IT IS AUGUST🌞⛱ NOT NOVEMBER!🌀⛈ The rain was horizontal and the winds were just plain daft. Our barns are down a small private road and we have about 20 yards to the roadway where we leave the bins on collection day - collection done and dear husband went to get his coat to bring them in - as he walked outside 6 emptied bins (ours and all our neighbours) decided to take off - some going up the rest of the hill and some going down. He was so wet by the time he retrieved them he had to change all his clothes and the air was - a little - blue!

So here's a share for today - I saw this simple technique and as it is one I have not tried I gave it a go. Can't say whether I like it or not really!

I don't have a lot of shades of Distress Oxides which is what the demo used but I have a few shades of Memento Versacolor which is a pigment ink so used that.
It's just simple ink blending onto black cardstock and I thought it crazy that I had not done it before, not least to see if I liked it!

I used a stencil from Funky Fossil and 2 shades of blue and 1 lilac .

The Inkylicious sentiment always cheers me up, simple white heat embossed and a few enamel dots.

I did another and used pink and turquoise inks, silver embossing for the sentiment and silver mat behind but I liked that one even less!

I think because they are 'dark'  cards and it is such a change for me, that may be the reason I am not overwhelmed!
The Jury is still out as to if I will do this again but I would be interested to know your thoughts and if you've done this- is it something you like?!

As for these 2 they will just sit in the stash box - maybe I will find a use for them at some point- then again maybe not!

Thanks for calling in today - I know elsewhere in the World there are storms and all kinds of other troubles, pandemic included (we're still in local lockdown!), so stay safe and I send you all a hug! x


Pia S said...

What technique did you use? I can’t figure that out, but I do love the outcome. I think the finish looks velvety and elegant and for this style the dark background is spot on.

brenda said...

Such intense contrasts Viv, lovely. Did you say it was August?

B x

Aquarius said...

You've made a grand job of this technique but I'm not too sure when it comes to the overall dark appearance of a whole card. Maybe it could be incorporated as a panel on a more 'normal' type of card. Fashions change all the time though and maybe dark cards are 'in' nowadays. I suppose living up high with lovely views means you are open to what ever weather is thrown at you - swings and roundabouts I guess but you are right it was more like November the last few days even in the South.

Stamps and Paper said...

Great card Viv lovely technique and colours


Sue's Crafty Corner said...

I like these a lot Viv, I must have a try at this technique when I get five minutes,

Sue xx

crafty-stamper said...

I love this technique and looks very dramatic against the black -I prefer the fist stencil you used and great embossed sentiment-my last card posted used this technique too
Carol x

Kathleen said...

It is very different Viv, and you have made a great job with it.

Kath x

Robyn Oliver said...

Well I do like your cards Viv, at like you I'm unsure about using black but the overall use of this technique looks fantastic. Crazy weather patterns over here too but must say we are still enjoying some lovely cool mornings before the humidity kicks in. Take care Robyn

Christine Alexander said...

I love the simplicity of the ink blending on black. Love the card :)

HilaryJane said...

Well, I really like them. Coincidentally I have made a card today using that same funky fossil stencil. What a great sentiment too. I had the wind too, we are on top of a hill and wind always howls round our house making a horrible noise, it was hard to get much sleep that night xx

Sarn said...

Oh no . . . . I might just have to buy that FF stencil on the 1st card . . . I love it. I like the dark cards just because they ARE different. But if you're not sure about the technique, I agree with Aquarius about trying them as a panel on a traditional card.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Bonnie said...

I haven't done this technique, Viv! I like it though especially with the wonderful sentiments! Very inspirational!

Jules said...

Hi Viv

Not something I have tried. I might have to give it a go .. .. always up for a crafty play!

Our weather for the bank holiday hasn't started off very well .. .. hoping it improves as time goes on!!

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend.

Love Jules xx

Mrs A. said...

Not tried this either and like you the jury is out as I am not overly keen on dark cards. Have resorted back to thick duvet on bed and even had the blanket switched on before and after getting between the covers. I think autumn is going to come early this year. Hugs Mrs A.

Mac Mable said...

Such strange weather all over the country and it sure has turned Autumnal x. I like dark cardstock cards and both your cards look so atmospheric to me with fabulous stencils and great sentiments x. Both different and I love them both Viv x.
Sorry about your husband and the bins! x.

Darnell said...

First, your cards are cool, Viv! I have not done this technique and now I'm curious to try it and see if I like it ... if I can just remember by the time I type this to bookmark your post! 🙃 If I DO remember, I will report back. Second, I'm sorry you have been receiving the wrath of Mother Nature there, too. It's wonderful that your Mister didn't get bonked on the head by one of those flying bins! She (MN) can't read the calendar in California either. Our fire "season" hasn't started yet and she's already lit half the state on fire. Scary times for SO many reasons! Hang in there, keep well, and don't get blown away! Hugs, Darnell

TK said...

The cards are stunning! I can see what you mean about "dark" but the large embossed sentiment makes a perfect statement against the darkneess. They are gorgeous, but I also have not tried this yet either