Monday, 30 March 2020


I was struggling last week to come up with anything constructive (like a lot of people!) and then on Friday last I managed to hurt my back/hip
(making the bed - don't ask!)
and it has been really painful for a couple of days so I didn't feel much like doing anything anyway except feel sorry for myself! Thankfully today it is a bit better but I don't intend to be doing any Can Cans for a while!

With no clear sense of what I intended to do but determined to do something -- (ANYTHING!)  I took this stamp set and gold embossed it onto a piece of watercolour card and coloured it with watercolours.

The sentiment is from Uniko.

It's a bit weird having lots of time to craft and then finding you can't think of anything to do - I am trying not to watch the news more than once a day as what is happening at the moment is just making me sad.
I am really glad that you've come to visit me as this self isolation thingy  can become a bit wearing can't it?
Thank goodness Blogland is here for us crafting junkies!
Stay Safe wherever in the World you are. x


Sue said...

Beautiful card, Viv, and lovely sentiment. I know what you mean about not listening to the news very often x

HilaryJane said...

Well, in the end you came up with a stunning card. The gold embossing looks wonderful with your colouring on the leaves and those splatters are just amazing. So sorry to hear about your sore back, but I am glad you sat down and managed to create such a good card xx

Glennis F said...

Oh Dear - that sounds painful!
I know how you feel re crafting, I have come to a standstill at the moment, and spring cleaning instead!

Lynne said...

I hate it when you have lots of time but no mojo, it seems like life is just taking the Micky doesn't it?
Your card is lovely though and I love your water colouring, the colours are beautiful.
Stay safe and stay positive X

Kathleen said...

A really super card, love the Autumn colours and the design. In-between Spring cleaning, one room each day, not enough energy to do more these days I have been making Christmas Cards, see how desperate I am!

Kath x

Carole said...

Popping by to let you know I feel exactly the fact depressed and terified doesn't cut it and lack of enthusiasm is top of the list! Sorry to hear about your painful back and hip and hope it will soon heal itself. I know how wearing pain can be. I think your card is wonderful and that sentiment is so apt right now.Take care. xx

Stamps and Paper said...

Lovely card Viv...I’ve been a bit like you for a few days couldn’t settle to anything really, done a bit of knitting, cooking etc and like you trying not to listen to every new updated at least the weather has been reasonable


Liz said...

Beautiful card, Viv. Love the watercolouring and the lovely sentiment. I know what you mean about lack of crafting mojo. Some days I'm fine and the other days I have no idea where to start, despite having plenty of time. xx

Christine Alexander said...

Gorgeous colours Viv, , the oranges and reds make me think of summer and that's such a great sentiment :)

aussie aNNie said...

Gold embossing sure sets off this stamp...Hope your back gets better sounds like you got a bit heavy handed in making the bed....let it air out.x

Kath said...

A fabulous card Viv - I love the gold embossing and watercolouring.

Yes, everything is very strange at the moment. I hope you're keeping safe and be careful of your back!!

Kath x

Aquarius said...

A lovely card and unusual sentiment - love it. Hope your back/hip injury soon recovers. Agreed it is odd that with all the extra spare time we can't get motivated - you're certainly not alone there. I think lots of people will always work better to a deadline

Claire said...

Well considering you didn't know what to do Viv, your card is stunning! Beautifully coloured and perfectly splattered. (I still can't perfect the splatter!) Isn't it funny how everything's affecting our crafty mojo in different ways? I've found it very therapeutic making my cards but if I feel as though the mojo disappears I think I'll just make a whole heap of Christmas cards using the same design. A constructive way to take up time! Hope the hip gets better soon!

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

A fantastic card Viv. I know just what you mean about watching the news, there is always something that makes me well up. My friend is making cards like this to give out to the kind people who are putting themselves at risk keeping the shops open, stocking shelves and working on tills so that we can still shop for food. Such a great idea and a way we can all show our appreciation.

Take care and stay safe
Sue xx

Mac Mable said...

Sorry to hear about your back/hip take it easy x.
What a wonderful card with fabulous tones of colours, great image and sentiment and loving those splats too x. Fabulous card Viv x.

Jules said...

Hi Viv

A wonderful card .. .. I love it!!!

Hope your back sorts itself out nice and quickly as it is a shame to think there won't any can-can dance videos on your blog for a while!! I am sure you must be contemplating amusing us all with one!

Take care and keep safe Viv.

Love Jules xx

Karen Dunbrook said...

I think so many have lost their mojo. In my case it has inspired me. I guess that's because I'm off work and have time now.
Lovely card mf.
Hope you are well
xx Karen

Bonnie said...

Beautiful leaves, Viv! Love that sentiment too!

Pat said...

This is beautiful Viv, and I can empathise as I have been feeling the same, and unfortunately am still feeling like Mr Mojo has deserted me, but hopefully I will start to feel more creative soon. x

Pat said...

Sorry Viv, I meant to say I hope your back and hip are OK now. The mind boggles as to how you managed to do it making the x